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Enchanting realms Writing Contest 2023

Enchanting realms Writing Contest 2023

We're on the lookout for your unpublished masterpieces in the realms of fantasy, magic, surrealism, imagination, and fairytales. Submit your poetic prowess with a single poem, not exceeding 40 lines, or weave captivating tales within a 1500-word limit for your short story. The winning entry will be honored with a wellness journal, a token of our appreciation. Unleash your creativity, but don't forget to peruse our terms and conditions at before sharing your enchanting worlds with us.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Submit up to three original dark poems.
2. Each poem should not exceed 40 lines.
3. Ensure your submission is previously unpublished.
4. Entry fee: First 50 entries are free. After that it's $5 per submission.
5. Please read our Terms and Conditions before submitting with us on
All the best.

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