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Festive Extravaganza Writing Contest 2023

Unleash your holiday spirit in words! Join Wingless Dreamer's Festive Tales Contest 2023 - Share your funny, sad, or heartfelt Christmas stories, and let your creativity sparkle

Festive Extravaganza Writing Contest 2023

Wingless Dreamer Publisher invites original, unpublished entries for our literary contest. Share your creativity through a 40-line poem or a 1500-word short story, exploring themes ranging from humorous Christmas moments to poignant festive incidents or heartwarming stories.

Contest Guidelines:

1. Entries must be original and previously unpublished.
2. Submissions should be in English.
3. Multiple entries are not allowed.
4. Submissions will be judged on creativity, emotional resonance, and the ability to transport readers to the winter world you create.

Please read our Terms and Conditions on our website before sending us your submissions. Thank you. All the best.

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