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LGBTQ Writing Contest 2024: Unfolding colors

LGBTQ Writing Contest 2024: Unfolding colors

Welcome to the Wingless Dreamer LGBTQ Writing Contest 2024, an exciting opportunity for writers to share their unique voices and stories! This year, we invite you to submit your unpublished poems and short stories that embrace and celebrate the theme of Pride.

Theme: Pride

Pride is a powerful and multifaceted concept within the LGBTQ community. It represents the courage to be oneself, the joy of living authentically, the strength in solidarity, and the rich tapestry of diverse experiences and identities. We encourage you to explore what Pride means to you—whether it's a personal journey, a moment of triumph, a tribute to LGBTQ history, or a celebration of love and community. Let your words shine with the colors of the rainbow!

Contest Details:
1. Categories: Unpublished Poems and Short Stories
2. Theme: Pride
3. Eligibility: Open to writers of ages above 18+ and backgrounds, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity
4. Submission Period: 4th June 2024 - 30th June 2024

Submission Guidelines:
1. Poems: Up to 50 lines
2. Short Stories: Upto 1,500 words
3. All entries must be original and unpublished
4. Submissions must be in English
5. One entry per category per participant. LGBTQ allies and supporters are welcome.

Kindly read our Terms and Conditions before submitting us your work.

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