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Symphony Of Seasons Writing Contest 2023

Symphony Of Seasons Writing Contest 2023

Nature Poetry Contest 2023: Embrace the Beauty of the Natural World

Do you find inspiration in the gentle rustle of leaves, the dance of fireflies, or the colors of a vibrant sunset? If your pen is touched by the beauty of the natural world, Wingless Dreamer Publisher invites you to participate in the Nature Poetry Contest 2023.

Contest Theme: We invite poets of all backgrounds and experiences to celebrate the splendor, serenity, and magic of nature through your verses. Whether you're drawn to the tranquil landscapes, the vibrant biodiversity, or the powerful forces of the earth, let your poetry capture the essence of the natural world.

Why Enter:

Connect with Nature: Deepen your connection with nature through the art of poetry.
Global Exposure: Showcase your work to a global audience of poetry enthusiasts.
Publication Opportunity: Winning poems will be featured in a dedicated anthology by Wingless Dreamer Publisher.
Recognition: Receive recognition for your work from our esteemed panel of judges. Wingless Dreamer is an international platfor
Submission Guidelines:

Submit up to three original nature poems.
Each poem should not exceed 50 lines.
Poems must be previously unpublished.
Entry fee: First 50 submissions are free. The after that, $5 per submission.
Submit your entries to [Submission Email] with the subject line "Nature Poetry Contest 2023 Submission."

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