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The Earth Whispers Nature Poetry

The Earth Whispers Nature Poetry

Welcome to our Wingless Dreamer The Earth Whispers Poetry Writing Contest 2023, where blooming creativity takes centre stage! This contest celebrates the beauty and vitality of the season through the power of words. We invite poets of all backgrounds to unleash their imaginations and weave poetic tapestries that capture the essence of nature.

Explore the themes of renewal, blossoming flowers, gentle rains, vibrant colors, and the awakening of nature's symphony. Let your verses dance with the fragrance of fresh beginnings, embracing the warmth and joy that spring brings.

Whether you prefer structured forms or free verse, this contest welcomes all styles and voices. Submit your original, unpublished poems that evoke the spirit of spring and transport readers into a world bursting with life and inspiration.

Our panel of esteemed judges will evaluate the entries based on creativity, imagery, emotional impact, and mastery of language. The top entries will receive recognition, with prizes awarded to the winners.
Don't miss this opportunity to share your poetic visions and join a community of fellow wordsmiths in celebrating the magic of spring. Submit your entries today and let your verses bloom like a field of wildflowers!

Theme: The theme for the contest is Seasons. Participants should write poems that inspire and motivate the reader to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Length: The length of the poem should not be more than 40 lines unless you got an Oomph! factor.

Language: It should be English. Currently, we do not accept translatory works.

Originality: The poems should be original and not have been previously published in any form.

Submission format: The submission should be in a Word document, or PDF.

Eligibility: It is open to all or anyone above 18 years old of any nationality, caste, creed, or gender.

Judging criteria: The judges will be looking at the creativity, originality, and motivational impact of the poems.

We request you to kindly read our Terms and Conditions before submitting your work to us. Thank you.

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