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Wingless Dreamer Presents: Moonlit Verses - A Writing Contest

Wingless Dreamer Presents: Moonlit Verses - A Writing Contest

🖋️ Calling All Lunar Poets 🖋️

Are you captivated by the moon's ethereal glow, its mystical influence, and the emotions it stirs within? Our contest invites you to bask in the cosmic radiance of the moon and weave your poetic magic around its many facets.

🌒 Illuminate the Night 🌒

With each carefully crafted line, let your verses mirror the moon's journey through the night sky. Whether you're inspired by its tranquil beauty, its romantic allure, or its role as a timeless symbol, your words have the power to transport readers to moonlit landscapes.
The winning poems will be showcased on the Wingless Dreamer platform, where your verses will find resonance with a global audience.
📅 Submission Details 📅
Theme: Moon

Submission Deadline: 31st August 2023

Word Limit: Up to 1500 words for short stories and 40 lines for poems

Eligibility: Open to write from all walks of life above 18 years old.

✨ How to Unveil Your Moonlit Magic ✨

Let your imagination and emotions be guided by the moon's luminescence as you pen your verses.
Navigate to Wingless Dreamer's Poetry Contest page on our website.
Adhere to the submission guidelines and share your poetic creation with us.
Await the final celestial verdict as our panel of adept judges discovers the radiant beauty within your words.

🌌 Let Your Words Eclipse Time 🌌

The moon's phases have inspired poets for centuries, evoking emotions and narratives that transcend generations. Join us in celebrating this timeless muse through the art of poetry. Your verses have the power to cast a mesmerizing spell, to paint moonbeams across the canvas of hearts, and to create connections that span the universe.
Lend your voice to the moon's captivating story. Submit your poetic masterpiece now and become part of an ethereal journey through moonlit realms.

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