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December 2, 2021  |  Wingless Dreamer  |  Contest

Get to know more about Wingless Dreamer Community. Read ‘Our Story’.

Entries for Winter Poetry Contest 2020 are now CLOSED.

All the winners and commended poets will get a chance to publish their work in our competition anthology. Certificate + free complimentary copy of the book will be provided to the top three winners. The winners will be promoted on our social media platform and the books will get published on our website: and on the Amazon Kindle publishing platform. The book will also include your bio-statement alongside your published poem.

Theme: Winter poetry / or poems inspired by Emily Dickinson’s work Your poems can be full of light and laughter or it can capture sorrow, pain, and the fragility of life. Maybe it’s your time to share your poem with us.

Judging criteria: Relevance to the theme – 50% Creativity/Style and Originality – 30% The coherence of form and structure (harmony of words, presentation) – 10% Clarity of imagery and language – 10% => TOTAL – 100%

Entry fee: $5 (

Deadline: 31st December 2020 (Promotional deadline may differ but this is the final deadline)



  • The competition is open to anyone aged 18 or over.

  • Poems may be on any subject and in any form or style as long as it goes well with the theme for the contest.

  • They must be typed and not longer than 20 lines (excluding title).

  • Remember one poem per poet.

  • Poems should be in English, must be the entrant’s own work and should not have been published or accepted for publication elsewhere (including online), should not have won another poetry competition or be the translated work of another poet.

  • All poems are judged anonymously and should not bear your name, or any other form of identification.

  • Our judges will read all entries.

  • No changes can be made to a poem once it has been submitted.

  • The decision of the judge is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  • WinglessDreamer Poetry Festival Trustees, employees or associates, or members of their families, may not enter.

The winners will be contacted by email or post in the month of January 2021 on our website and on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram). Website: Facebook: Instagram: @winglessdreamer1

How long is your process?

It takes over 1-2 months to publish a full collection of poetry in book form to include time for authors to work with our editors, and for the process of graphic design, illustrations, book cover, and layout. COVID-19 may cause delays in the publishing process but our team is trying their level best.

On what platforms the book will get published?
The book will get published on and on our website Kindly, note that only the winner will get a free complimentary copy.

Please note that submission fees of a minimum amount of USD$5 allow us to offer the winning honorarium and also to offset the cost of publishing and promoting the winning collection. Wingless Dreamer works to supporting the publication of excellent poetry, flash fiction, and short stories collection and supporting our mission to bring the highest quality literature into the world. All submissions will be carefully read, reviewed, and considered for this prestigious prize. Thank you for your understanding.


June 10, 2021  |  Wingless Dreamer  |  Announcements

“If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.” –  Emily Dickinson.

Emily Dickinson penned works that are a treasure trove of inspiration and an ode to the many complexities of the human soul. Her poems are like precious gems where each one glistens with a unique glow. To this day, her works continue to captivate readers and remain a testament to her everlasting legend of artistic vision.  Emily Dickinson left a lasting legacy of beauty and wisdom that will inspire and touch generations to come. For this reason, Wingless Dreamer decided to conduct a poetry contest inspired by the works of Emily Dickinson, with the intention of bringing poets that could best embody her graceful and powerful spirit.

Wingless Dreamer is pleased to announce the following winners of the 2021 Poems in Emily Dickinson’s poetry contest, whose four winning poems were selected by the editors of Wingless Dreamer Publisher and contest judge Ruchi Acharya. This contest was held to spotlight some of the ground-breaking poets working around the world today and to celebrate the art of Emily Dickinson’s poetry.

With careful consideration and examination of a large pool of creativity brimming with heartfelt works of artful expression inspired by Emily Dickinson, we have decided on our winners.

The grand winner of the contest is:

ALLEN TULLOS – EMILY! SOUP’S ON! inspired by After great pain, a formal feeling comes – (372)

Allen Tullos, professor of history and digital scholarship at Emory University, is senior editor of the journal Southern Spaces and co-director of the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship. His poetry has appeared in numerous publications including the British eco-anthology Entanglements, Common Ground Review, Southern Quarterly, Broad River Review, Appalachian Journal, and The Fish Poetry Anthology 2020 (selected by Billy Collins). Tullos is the author of two books of American Studies: Habits of Industry (winner of the Sydnor Award) and Alabama Getaway: The Political Imaginary and the Heart of Dixie.

The first runner-up is:

THOMAS WALROD – FUNERAL PERCUSSION inspired by “Hope” is the thing with feathers – (314)

Thomas Walrod is a high school English teacher and football coach from Redwood City, California. As of January 2020, he graduated from Regis University’s Mile High M.F.A. Program in Creative Writing. In his free time, he enjoys cooking new meals, driving along the coast of California, and playing with his dog Brodie.

We have two second runner-ups. They are:

SARAH BRICAULT – THE CRUELEST THING inspired by “Hope” is the thing with feathers – (314)

Sarah Bricault holds a PhD in neurobiology and works as a postdoc in that field. Her poetry explores themes of anxiety and depression, as well as her fascination with the mind and how it processes information.


Alani Rosa Hicks-Bartlett is a writer and translator from the SF Bay Area. Her work is forthcoming or has appeared in The Stillwater Review, IthacaLit, Gathering Storm, Broad River Review, ellipsis…literature & art, The Fourth River, and Mantis: A Journal of Poetry, Criticism, and Translation. She is currently working on a novel set in Portugal, translations of Petrarchan poets, and a collection of villanelles.

Here are the top finalists:

NIAMH O’ MEARA – DRIFTWOOD “I started early- took my dog” and “Nature’s changes”

Niamh O’Meara has been writing creatively since childhood, having been raised in a household where the poems of Robert Frost, James Joyce, Walter de la Mere, and Austin Clarke were read as bedtime stories. Her work has been published in many online and print journals with the most recent publications being Poems of Adventure Anthology (2020) and Bluing the Blade Winter (2020) and Spring (2021) and Wingless Dreamer A Tribute to Lord Byron 2021. She lives in the South East of Ireland where she is a member of the Irish Writers Association.

CATHERINE TRIPP – INTO THE RAW DARK “Long years apart can make no”

I have always been a writer. A diarist. A scribbler. Also, very good with finance. Left brain, right brain, battling for dominance. Decades in the numbers game. If my writing was a color, it would be yellow, bright as sunlight, highlighting the salient portions, not obscuring the past but deconstructing air brushed stories, finding humor and courage in the unloved corners. With the help of writing classes, critiques and retreats, the historical novel is finally taking shape. There are women in history that have been criminally overlooked, brave, accomplished, powerful and possessed of grace. I seek to inspire readers to notice people, to laugh, to question accepted history and shift the dominant paradigm.

ASHLEY WILLIAMSON– A SONG FOR A NOVEMBER STORM “Will there really be a morning” and “Hope is the thing with feathers”

I work as an industrial radiographer for a small family business in the aerospace industry and am also studying Creative Writing with the Oxford University Department for Continued Learning. One of my poems is a finalist in Wingless Dreamer’s Fruits of Our Quarantine Contest. I am an American immigrant living with my British husband, Nathan, in the beautiful English Lake District.

BETHANY BARTON- ABANDONED “I felt a funeral in my brain”

Bethany is an LA-based author and freelance writer who loves exploring the depth of human interaction and emotion. Her latest work is a book entitled Apologies I Never Got that deals with the horrors of dating in a new and hilarious light. To see more of her work, check out

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