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Fri, 19 Jul



Mastering the Art of Poetry: An Online Workshop

Unlock your poetic potential in "Mastering the Art of Poetry: An Online Workshop." Learn the essentials of writing a poem, explore important poetic devices and structures, and compose your own masterpiece. Join us for an inspiring and educational journey into the world of poetry!

Mastering the Art of Poetry: An Online Workshop
Mastering the Art of Poetry: An Online Workshop

Time & Location

19 Jul 2024, 10:30 pm – 11:50 pm IST



About the event

Join us for an enriching online workshop where you'll discover the essential elements that make poetry captivating and impactful. This workshop will cover the top five important aspects of poetry, guiding you through each with practical exercises and expert insights.

  1. Imagery:Learn how to use vivid and descriptive language to create powerful images that appeal to the senses and evoke strong emotions in your readers.
  2. Rhythm and Meter:Explore the patterns of stressed and unstressed syllables and structured beats in poetry. Understand how rhythm and meter can enhance the musicality and overall impact of your work.
  3. Poetic Devices:Dive into poetic devices such as metaphors, similes, alliteration, assonance, and onomatopoeia. Discover how these tools can add layers of meaning and depth to your poetry, enriching your language and conveying complex ideas more effectively.
  4. Structure:Uncover the various forms of poetry, including sonnets, haikus, and free verse. Learn how line length, stanza arrangement, and rhyme schemes influence the readability and thematic expression of your poems.
  5. Emotion and Theme:Focus on the emotional core and central themes of your poetry. Understand how to evoke feelings and explore ideas that resonate deeply with your audience, creating a personal and lasting connection.

By the end of this workshop, you'll have a deeper understanding of these essential elements and the skills to compose your own compelling poems. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced poet, this workshop will provide valuable insights and techniques to enhance your poetic craft. Join us for an inspiring journey into the world of poetry!

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