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July 26, 2021  |  Wingless Dreamer  |  Contest

Wingless Dreamer is proud to hold this contest, Love poetry contest 2021. Let’s make a toast to our feelings when we first fell in love. There’s something unique about the first love that builds such profound sentiments in us that we are indelibly marked by our experiences with the soulmate who steals our heart for the very first time. In fact, the memories of that special person seem to never fade. The first kiss, the first time we held hands, the first night out, and first of everything in the love reprise, these are moments that are marked by innocence, naiveness, and a timid sweetness that is heart whelming to first loves and, quite honestly, difficult to describe in words. That first love may even create a bond strong enough to last eternally. Your task is to write a poem that depicts the same emotions on the theme

Theme: First love

Entry fees: $5


  • Submissions are now open. We read submissions on a rolling basis. We are not a paying market.

  • Submit previously unpublished work only. Please do not send us work that has appeared elsewhere on the internet or in print.

  • Send us no more than one poem, either pasted in the body of an email or in .doc, .docx, .pdf format, preceded by a short-bio (max 150 words). Please include the bio written in the third person.

  • Please indicate ’Love poetry contest’ on your subject line if you’re sending your submission via email i.e.,

  • If your work is accepted elsewhere please inform us immediately. No multiple submissions allowed.

The winner will be announced in the month of September 2021 on our website. All the selected submissions will be published in our upcoming anthology which will be available on Amazon, Goodreads, and Lulu among other 14 marketplaces. The winner and finalists will get a certificate of appreciation. All the best.

October 15, 2021  |  Wingless Dreamer  |  Announcements

Woah! What a remarkable contest this year. Thank you everyone for making the Love of Poetry contest 2021 successful. We are so grateful that you trusted and submitted your exemplary work to us.

No one is without love; it is our most basic human need. Whether it be familial, platonic, or romantic, love is what drives us in every aspect of our lives and makes us whole.

Wingless dreamer conducted our 2021 Love Poetry Contest asking writers to write about love in any of its infinite forms, from small intimate moments to how love has impacted their lives as a whole. We were astounded by the number of poets who poured out their hearts to us in creative and magical ways. We want to extend our gratitude to the writers who shared their love stories with us for this contest and express that with so many wonderful submissions it was an incredibly difficult decision to make.  We are so grateful that we were able to read so many incredible poems, and hope that all of the individuals who submitted to our Love Poetry Contest continue to write and pursue their passions for writing and for love.

The grand winner of the Breath of love poetry contest 2021 and winning honorarium of $100 is:


Tanmay Lata is a sorcerer supreme. He is a System Engineer at an IT firm by profession. He believes in the spiritual way of living and is passionate about writing poems. He is originally from Jaipur but currently, he lives in Bangalore, India along with his mom.

The first runner-up:


Abbie Doll is a current student in Lindenwood University’s MFA in Writing program and has served as an Editorial Assistant for The Lindenwood Review. She lives with her husband and two canine companions in Columbus, OH. Her favorite activities include curling up in her hammock with a good read, taking the pups for neighborhood strolls, and experimenting in the kitchen. Traveling the globe and exploring the beautiful intricacies of language are her greatest joys in life.

The second runner-up:


William David has had a successful career as a Senior Engineering Designer working with international mining companies, designing Gold, Silver, and Copper processing plants all over the world, including the first SX-EW copper processing plant in Asia, located in Monywa, Myanmar. William is retired now and living with his wife of 37 yrs. in Tucson, Az. He likes spending time now devoted to his passion, reading, reviewing, and writing poetry. William writes for his pleasure and for the pleasure of those who might read his poems. He has recently been published in three journals, the poem “A Dead Horse Fantasy” was published in Underwood and “Belle’s Saloon” in True Chili, as well as “On Hold”, “I Never Judge”, “Freestyle”, and “Early Morning Sunlight” in Rue Scribe , these journals are published by Underwood Press. He is currently an invited reviewer for that publisher.

Here are our top finalists:


Tessa Swackhammer is an author and poet based out of Ontario, Canada. Her work has been featured in an anthology through City Limit’s Publishing, as well as two pieces in Jaden Magazine, and was most recently shortlisted for the Plough Arts Poetry Prize for her poem, “Maybe It’s Nothing At All’.


Greg Clary is a retired college professor who was born and raised in Turkey Creek, West Virginia, and now resides in the northwestern Pennsylvania Wilds. His photographs have been published in The Sun Magazine, Looking at Appalachia, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, The Watershed Journal, Hole in the Head Review, Change Seven, Dark Horse, Detour Ahead, Tobeco Literary Journal, and many other publications His writing and poems have appeared in The Rye Whiskey Review, The Bridge Literary Arts Journal, Northern Appalachia Review, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Waccamaw Journal, Rusty Truck, Ant-Heroin Chic, Sterling Clack Clack, and North/South Appalachia: Poetry and Art, Vol 1.


Hope Cotter is a writer. She grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, attending New York University, and now lives with her husband, children, and peacock in New Jersey. She loves the smell of old books and new ideas.


Natalie is a PSW in a Long Term Care facility caring for seniors. She began writing again after an energy healing by a good friend with the intent to assist her in meditation. Writing poetry is her version of meditating, consequently bringing some healing and peace. Her writing journey is in its infancy and she looks forward to seeing where it takes her. She’s had three poems published so far. A Claim to Power…2020 Summer Anthology: A Headrest for Your Soul Other Wordly Women Press Cracks in the Mirror…2020 Winter Anthology: Healing Felines and Femmes. Other Worldly Women Press Nemesis 2021.Dark Poetry Collection by Wingless Dreamer


Ruth Mota lives and writes in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. While earning her BA in English at Oberlin College she fell in love with the verse of Garcia Lorca and decided she must live in a Spanish-speaking country so that she could feel such passion directly. She applied to Peace Corps Latin America and was sent to Brazil where she fell in love with a Brazilian and lived for many years working in public health before returning to the site of her first love. Her poems have been published by Wingless Dreamer, Fourth River, Terrapin Books, High Shelf Press, and Gyroscope Review among others.

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