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April 4, 2022  |  Wingless Dreamer  |  Contest

Theme: Mother


On the occasion of Mother’s day (8th May 2022) Wingless Dreamer Publisher is proud to release a poetry book named Mother, a title just above Queen. It’s so difficult to find the right words and to say in loud just how much your mother means to you. How could you possibly convey all the indefinite love and tremendous support she’s given you since day 1? It sure isn’t easy, but if you really want to take it to the next level, try going with gifting this poetry anthology. Submit your unpublished poem to us on the theme ‘Mother’. Your poem can be about motherhood, memories with your mother, or a love letter to your mother among others. You’re limitless. Show us your best creative side. All the best.

Judging criteria:

Uniqueness – 50% Creativity/Style and Originality – 30% The coherence of form and structure (harmony of words, presentation) – 10% Clarity of imagery and language – 10% => TOTAL – 100%


The certificates will be provided to the winner and top finalists. All the selected participants’ poems will get published in our upcoming May anthology which will be available on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Nobles, and Walmart among other reading platforms. All the published contributors’ names will be mentioned on our website.


  • All entries are judged anonymously and the poet’s name must not appear on the poem itself.

  • All poems must have a title and must not exceed 40 lines in length (excluding title).

  • The participant must be 18 years old or above at the time of submitting the work with us.

  • Poems must be in English.

  • Poems must be the entrant’s original work.

  • Entries must not have been published, self-published, published on a website, or made public on social media, broadcast, or featured among the winners in another competition before 31 January 2022.


May 7, 2022  |  Wingless Dreamer  |  Announcements

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.

Being a mother, having a mother always warms up our hearts. All of us have a sensitive spot when it comes to mothers. The selfless care and unending support from our mother is something e should all cherish, acknowledge, and honour. Mothers always sacrifice so much for their children- for all the love they have for us, for all the hardships she suffers alone to protect us. Mothers are always our first teachers, our first friends and our first love.

So, to honour mothers from everywhere, Wingless Dreamer publisher held a competition on the above them. We held a Mother’s Day Poetry Contest in 2022. We got some exquisite submissions. It was so difficult to judge poignant, heart-warming, and beautifully honest pieces on the theme of Motherhood from all around the globe.

To make this day truly memorable, we would like to announce the winner of the Wingless Dreamer Mother’s Day Poetry Contest 2022. And, we would like to congratulate everyone who participated.

Without any further ado, let’s announce the winner. The grand winner of the Wingless Dreamer Mother’s Day Poetry Contest 2022 is:


I’m a middle-aged mother of two grown children who grew up in a small town, Sedalia, Missouri to lower income dual working parents with four children. We had little money but a lot of love in our family. 

I have always loved to write and now live in N Georgia and NW Florida with my husband Todd. 

Cue the confetti for our first runner-up:


Gavin Bourke grew up in the suburb of Tallaght in West Dublin. Married to Annemarie living in County Meath, he holds a B.A. in Humanities from Dublin City University, an M.A. Degree in Modern Drama Studies and a Higher Diploma in Information Studies from University College Dublin. His work broadly covers nature, time, memory, addiction, mental health, human relationships, the inner and outer life, creating meaning and purpose, politics, contemporary and historical social issues, injustice, the human situation, power and its abuse, absurdism, existentialisms, human psychology, cognition, emotion and behaviour, truth and deception, the sociological imagination, illness, socio-economics, disability, inclusivity, human life, selfishness and its consequences as well as urban and rural life, personal autonomy, ethics, commerce, science, grand schemes and the technological life in English and to a lesser extent in the Irish Language.

Beat the drums for our second runner-up:


Louise Moises was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she still resides. Her work has appeared in High Shelf Press, California Poetry Society Quarterly, The Gathering, Wingless Dreamers and many other publications. She was very close to her mother, to whom she attributes to her creativity. Long before she considered herself a poet, she wrote poems for her mother.

A huge round of applause for our top finalists:


Andy Betz has tutored and taught in excess of 40 years. He lives in 1974, and has been married for 29 years. His works are found everywhere a search engine operates.


Anne Göthe is a thirty-something year old mother of four, reader, writer and lover of poetry and art from Halle (Saale), Germany. Find her journal on Instagram at @_annewrites


Anika Strite is a senior and Poet Laureate of Mepham High School. She only recently discovered her love for poetry, though she has been a bookworm for over a decade. Over the summer, she attended the Opinion Writing course at the School of the New York Times. Anika believes that poetry embodies humanity, and humanity embodies poetry. When not writing, she can be found listening to folk music through clunky headphones and falling victim to buying too many books at every used bookstore she stumbles into. You can follow Anika on Goodreads under her full name


Kier is a published poet in multiple magazines- The Borderline and Sheepshead Review to name a few. Her inspiration usually comes from the natural world and connecting it to human sexuality. She’s content, for now, as a proofreader while continuing to write in her free time.


Megan Wildhood is a neurodiverse writer from Colorado who believes that freedom of expression is necessary for a society that is not only safe but flourishing. She helps her readers feel seen in her poetry chapbook Long Division (Finishing Line Press, 2017) as well as Yes! Magazine, Mad in America, The Sun and, increasingly, less captured media outlets. You can learn more at

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