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Winning Announcement for the Writing Contest "Time Ticks, Time Heals"

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Time ticks, time heals Writing Contest



It’s such a grand feeling to finally be able to publish the book "Time Ticks, Time Heals" after weeks of hard work. Through this anthology, we aim to evoke sentiments among readers about how time can be both delirious and a boon. Celebrating the art of poetry, Wingless Dreamer Publisher would like to appreciate and acknowledge prodigious poets from around the world who have been selected to be published with us. It was a neck-and-neck competition, and compiling the list of winners was quite a hair-pulling and brain-draining experience for me. As I always say, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose; today, literature triumphs in this commercialized world of greed through this book.

As we all know how cruel time can be, it also has the potential to heal a soul. In this writing contest, we asked writers to pick a side and write a poem. I must say that while going through the submissions, I came across poems that left me astounded and overwhelmed. But isn’t that what poetry is all about—bringing vivid emotions out of readers?

Let’s all lift our spirits, pour some hot coffee, sit back, and enjoy reading this book. What do you say? It's a perfect antidote to mundane evenings and a thirst-quencher for poetic verse cravings. You've been supporting our small publisher since the beginning, and we are truly grateful for that. As a result, we've been able to launch our own YouTube channel, literary podcast episodes on Spotify, and weekly blog articles on our website, We are here because of you, so please continue to support us if you enjoy our work.

-Ruchi Acharya, Founder

Winning Announcement for the Writing Contest "Time Ticks, Time Heals"

The grand winner of the Time ticks, time heals Writing Contest is...

Memories of the tree - John Ganshaw

After 31 years in banking, John (he/him) retired to follow his dream of owning a hotel in Southeast Asia. This led to many new experiences enabling John to see the world through a different lens, leading him to write his story through essays, poetry, and an unpublished memoir. John’s work has appeared in Native Skin, Runamok Books/Growerly, Post Roe Alternatives, Fleas on the Dog, RAR, OMQ, Disabled Tales, eMerge, Unapologetic, Dreich, and many others. Nothing is as it seems, memories and experiences of the past are meant to shape us not define us. Life has hope, truth, and adventure, all leading to stories that must be written and told.

The first runner-up is.....

My Birthday's in March - William Weiss

William Weiss is a writer hailing from Pasadena, California. He works with disabled adults to help expand their capabilities and possibilities, and as a musician, he loves the rhythm behind words and the diverse dialog of interpretation poetry brings. You can often find William brooding over a line under his desk, sitting on his desk, on the floor, in a crowded elevator, or really any place that he has a second to think. He is a recently published poet in The Broadkill Review as well as Oprelle Publications, and a semifinalist in the Philadelphia Stories’ National Prize in Poetry.

The second runner-up is....

Crushed Stones Pathways - Anja Soelberg

Anja Soelberg writes historical elements and transcending truisms into her fiction. Her most recent work can be found in SPED forms. When not writing she is promoting native plants for pollinators.

Here are the top finalists....

Bench - Maria Angeline Pennacchi

Known as a shy, quiet, nature lover, Maria is a proud mother who loves the outdoors and can often be found sitting by the banks of the Delaware river. "Bench" was inspired and written at her favorite peaceful place beside the river. Previous poems accepted for publishing include "Rumination" (Silver Rose Magazine) and "Empty Heart" (Humans of the World).

Successor II - Brett Salter

Brett writes dragon novels and poetry! For his kids, and for fun. He does all his own writing, his own editing, his own promoting, and his own stunts with his extremely limited free time. @talismanbrett

Epidemic - Lina Buividavičiūtė

Lina Buividavičiūtė was born on May 14, 1986. She is a poet and literary critic. Lina is an author of two poetry books in Lithuanian language. Her poetry is published in "Matter", "Masters", “Proverse poetry prize" contest anthologies, "Drunk monkeys", "Beyond words", "The Dewdrop", "The limit experience", "Poets choice", "HOW", "Beyond queer words", "Maudlin House", "Cathexis northwest press", "Poetry online" magazines and "Versopolis" poetry platform. Upcoming publications will appear in “New millennium writings”, "Cathexis northwest press", "Quillkeepers Press", "The Stardust review" and “Beyond words” magazine.

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