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10 Must-Read Books Handpicked by Wingless Dreamer

Updated: May 9

Before we begin, I must confess that I am a serious reader. I carefully choose my books after thorough research, which usually involves asking my friends or consulting my "Book reading list" notes. This approach is much better than going all out at the bookshop and buying books in bulk, only to see them gather dust. Let me start by being completely honest about what I am currently reading.

Yes, it's classic literature. Go ahead, boo me! But this poetry book titled 'Anthem for Doomed Youth' by Wilfred Owen is just what my soul is craving, especially since I've been procrastinating and feeling lazy, often succumbing to depression. Don't judge me; we've all been there. It's natural. So I really needed to read this poem more than Wilfred Owen needed to write it.

With so much happening in the world, from drastic climate change to political elections in many countries, I'm here to try and take your mind off your day-to-day problems and provide a mental boost by recommending a few poetry books from our Wingless Dreamer Collection. As you all know, we work around the clock to bring the highest quality literature to the world. The judging criteria are rigorous, and constructive feedback can be harsh, but it all serves the purpose of keeping poetry alive. Any gibberish published out there is not considered poetry; it needs vision, imagery, and perfect poetic devices.

Anyway, without further ado, let's dive into the top 10 book recommendations this year from the Wingless Dreamer Publisher's collection. These have been highly successful, and how do we define success? Certainly by a deep sense of personal satisfaction, positive reader reviews, and Amazon book rankings.


If you're looking for a scintilla of gloominess sprinkled with emotions expressed in the most poetic manner possible, then I would suggest going with our book titled, Hearts in Orbit.

The book "Hearts in Orbit," published is a pylon of poetic expressions exuded by both emerging and profound writers from around the world.

As you twirl the pages of this book, you will unfold a plethora of sentiments, whether embedded in-depth gloominess or highly saturated happiness, creatively expressed in verses.

Hop onto the journey of reading this exquisite book, especially crafted for English laureates and literary lovers. Together, let's celebrate the art of poetry. Enjoy reading!


After the grand success of Summer Fireflies last year, we received numerous requests from our aspiring writers to conduct a similar writing contest this year. And just like a good publisher, we couldn't say no to our beloved fans. This writing contest was all about bringing the true essence of summer poetry and wilderness to our readers.

As you delve deeper into the pages of Summer Fireflies, you'll find yourself transported to idyllic settings where laughter echoes through sun-dappled meadows and secrets are whispered under the stars.

Each author paints a vivid picture, inviting you to join their characters on self-discovery, love, and friendship journeys. From the innocence of childhood adventures to the complexities of adult relationships, these stories capture the essence of summer in all its beauty and warmth.

So, whether you're seeking a moment of escapism or simply craving the comfort of familiar emotions, let Summer Fireflies guide you on a literary journey that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

With its gentle prose and captivating storytelling, this anthology is more than just a book—it's a cherished keepsake to be treasured for summers to come. Embrace the magic, embrace the memories, and let Summer Fireflies illuminate your soul. You can get your copy from Amazon.


Oh! This one is my personal favorite, maybe because I am more inclined towards the romance genre. You should check it out if you get easily carried away with soul-cuddling and mind-kissed poetic lines. You will be awestruck reading every poem present in this anthology as our editors carefully handpicked them, making them truly swoon-worthy.

Thus great with child to speak and helpless in my throes,
Biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite,
"Fool," said my Muse to me, "look in thy heart, and write."

by Sir Phillip Sidney, “Astrophel and Stella”

As Sir Phillip Sidney put has so aptly put, talking about love can seem to be the most difficult thing ever. Often, it is poetry that is best at expressing the matters of the heart. Love Chronicles features poems about love, dreams, and their effects on the heart. If you want to immerse yourself in the myriad shades of love, this Wingless Dreamer anthology is a perfect read! Trust me on this.


In all honesty, I am a big fan of dark poetry because there are more than 50 different shades of darkness. "Into the Gloom" is a fervent anthology for English laureates who love to explore the dimensions of dark poetry.

Walk your mind through the garden of poets who delve into the gloominess to yield mastery in creating art through their spine-chilling, nerve-wracking, and goosebumps-inducing verses.

This poetry book navigates life's complexities through haunting verses and evocative imagery. Together, let's dive into the coldness and blueness of introspection shown by these dark poets. With profound insights and lyrical prose, "Into the Gloom" invites readers to confront their innermost fears and discover the light within the darkness. I bet, you couldn't agree more with me once you finish reading this poetry book, simply because, once you read this book, it will change your perspective towards dark poetry. Unlike other dark poems, in this book, we have compiled poems that can touch your soul and evoke the sensation of love for the darkness. Be the judge by yourself and check it out.


Another most prized possession book from the Wingless Dreamer Publisher's bookshelf. I am so proud to present our anthology, "Therapeutic Power of Nature," a serene collection of poems and short stories centred around the theme of nature.

What sets it apart from other nature poetry books is that these poems have healing properties, similar to the feelings we get from simply taking a walk on the lush green grass amidst our busy schedules. I'm not kidding when I say I've read this book at least three times because it calms me down. I often get irritated with what life throws at me, so I keep this therapeutic book handy.

Esteemed psychologists widely regard nature as the ultimate form of therapy, capable of calming the mind and soothing the soul. Whether it's taking a leisurely stroll in the park, embarking on wilderness hikes, or simply sitting by a tranquil lakeside, the healing power of nature is undeniable.

With this anthology, we aim to raise awareness about mental health, foster a love for English literature, and celebrate the art of poetry while showcasing captivating artworks. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic poetry and unwind as you embark on a literary journey through the lush landscapes of our anthology. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your summer of 2024 with our collection. This book is now exclusively available on Amazon.


"Breathing Poetry," an anthology by Wingless Dreamer Publisher, where the power of words takes center stage, Within these pages, you will encounter the remarkable works of mind-blowing wordsmiths whose poetry transcends the ordinary and touches the depths of the soul.

As you turn the pages of "Breathing Poetry," you will find yourself transported across time and space, engulfed in the beauty and complexity of the human experience. You will witness moments of joy and sorrow, triumph and defeat, woven together with threads of raw emotion and unbridled passion.

Yes, in this book, we have decided to compile all the significant emotional traits. Whether you seek solace in the quiet corners of solitude or yearn for adventure amidst the chaos of life, "Breathing Poetry" is a companion like no other. It is a sanctuary for the weary soul, a refuge for the restless mind, and a reminder that, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is beauty to be found in the simplest of words.

So, dear reader, if you crave a moment of respite, a chance to lose yourself in the rhythm of verse, then look no further. "Breathing Poetry" awaits, ready to whisk you away on a journey of discovery and delight. Sit back, relax, and let the words carry you to places unknown.


This is one of our recent books and I am not joking but we have received reviews beyond our expectations. Readers loved it and I must say the book turns out to be phenomenal as well.

Dive into the rich tapestry of human experience with "Threads of Time," a captivating anthology curated by Wingless Dreamer Publisher. Within these pages lies an exquisite collection of prose and poetry, each piece meticulously crafted to evoke a spectrum of emotions. As the entrusted custodian of this literary masterpiece, Wingless Dreamer is deeply honored to present to you a compilation that transcends time itself. From the depths of sorrow to the heights of joy, each word within "Threads of Time" has been carefully selected and woven into the fabric of this anthology, inviting readers to immerse themselves in its profound depths.


Are you a fan of winter just like us? Do you feel the darkness creeping in as the leaves wither and fall? Or do you eagerly wait for the first snowflake to hit your hand? Either way, this anthology will have something for you!

It's a shame how people have portrayed Winter as a sick season. No, there's beauty in that too. Without the winter season, there will be no imperative emotions attached to spring, fall, rain or summer. Personally, I consider the season of winter to be the mother of all.

It’s Crystal Clear! Contains poems from various poets describing the joy of winter, and also the darkness that accompanies it. Check it out.


One of our most prized possessions, Hey there, Delilah!

Get yourself drowned in the meanings hidden behind these poetic verses beautifully endorsed in this book. Don't get carried away by the profound love and sentimental poems shown by aspiring poets from all around the world.

This Anthology offers a refreshing oasis in the desert of life's struggles. Within its pages, readers embark on a journey filled with vibrant imagery and emotional depth, ranging from heartwarming tales to soul-stirring experiences.

Each poet weaves a spellbinding narrative, captivating the mind and touching the heart. As you journey through this anthology, every piece leaves an indelible mark, compelling you to revisit its pages time and again, finding solace and inspiration within its words. Don't miss out on this immersive and unforgettable read that promises to resonate with you long after you've turned the final page.


The web of poetry extends even further as we introduce our open-themed anthology book ‘Cradle Of Balladry’. The infinite stream of poetry continues to flow as we bind a multitude of genres such as Love, Anger, Compassion, War, and Historical poetry; within two cerulean covers. Explore the depths of poetry with us without any barriers or restrictions as poets from all over the world come together to bring you a few of their best works. Enjoy your journey.

I hope this blog post proves useful for avid readers seeking direction. A reader must always remain hopeful in their quest to find the right book with time. If you haven't found one yet, perhaps the universe is signalling for you to write your own. How does that idea sound to you? As the founder of Wingless Dreamer Publisher, I truly appreciate the tranquillity one can gain from reading and writing in this chaotic world. All you need is the right book, a sip of warm hot chocolate at your favourite coffee shop, and some noise-cancelling AirPods or the melodious sound of rain playing in the background. Life's good if you know how to make it. I insist on reading these amazing books, not just because they are from our printing press, but because they are genuinely thought-provoking and captivating, as mentioned above. Happy reading!


Ruchi Acharya, hailing from India, is a distinguished English Laureate. Over the past two years, she has gained immense recognition for her remarkable publications, with her works appearing in more than 100 renowned platforms. Ruchi's true passion lies in supporting fellow writers and artists, evident through her establishment of Wingless Dreamer Publisher, a company dedicated to empowering and promoting creative individuals.

With a profound interest in Poetry, Ruchi delves deep into the intricacies of these literary realms. Among her cherished literary treasures, works by Jane Austen holds a special place in her heart.

Ruchi Acharya has become a prominent figure in the literary world, having made appearances in numerous interviews spanning the globe. During these engagements, she passionately advocates for the appreciation of poetry, emphasizing that human emotions are at the core of our existence. She urges others not to take this profound aspect of life for granted.


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