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January 31, | 2023Wingless Dreamer |  Contest

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The Misty Cauldron Writing Contest

Wingless Dreamer welcomes the new year with a magical touch. With the onset of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, we decided to expand our services beyond the boundaries of the mortal realm. The theme of this contest is: The Misty Cauldron

Let’s simmer the sauce of extravagant poetry in the mystic cauldron and platter it with magical herbs for our upcoming poetry anthology. We are here to provide you with the gateway to the magical world of Fantasy Literature! Astrology, natal charts, horoscopes, Feng Shui, Ancient magical crafts (such as clairvoyance, scrying, etc), Witchcraft and Wizardry name it, all are welcome in this extravagant poetry contest of the Misty Cauldron.

Be it in the way of a soft murmur or a vigorous swish of the wand, your imagination is the limit.


We appreciate all cultures and their unique faiths and beliefs. So, take out your magic crystals and brandish your pens to build a world that will break the mundanity of the world. The Winner gets a chance to not just get the opportunity to get their work recognised but also to win a Prize.

But. There is a Catch!

[Rattles Broomstick]

Infringed ideas and content will not be tolerated and the individual guilty of committing such a deed will face the infinite infernos of Eternal Damnation! Also,




Uniqueness – 50%

Creativity/Style and Originality – 30%

The Coherence of Form and Structure (Harmony of words and Presentation) – 10%

Clarity of Imagery and Control over Language – 10% => TOTAL – 100%


Font: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12

Line and Paragraph Spacing: 1.15


  • All entries will be judged anonymously and the poet’s name must not appear on the poem itself.

  • All poems must have a title and must not exceed 40 lines in length. (Excluding the title)

  • Entries can be only associated with the theme of the contest.

  • Poems must be in English.

  • Poems must be the entrant’s original work.

  • Entries must not have been published, self-published, published on a website, made public on social media, broadcast, or featured among the winners in another competition before 28 February 2023.

Knighted as our senior mage for the contest The Misty Cauldron

Wingless Dreamer hoped to welcome the new year with a magical touch. The Chinese Year of the Rabbit inspired us to go beyond the mortal world and extend our services to different realms. We were overwhelmed by the support that we received from everyone. We did face a few obstacles on our way (Courtesy of the evil wizards) but we are finally here! Kindly withheld from using powerful spells while celebrating as we might scare the mortals.


Without further ado, let us announce the winners of the ‘Misty Cauldron Poetry Contest’.

The Runner Ups who will also be presented with the magical sceptre are:

Pisces, Crises- Cassie Premo Steele

Cassie Premo Steele, Ph.D., is a lesbian, ecofeminist, mother, poet, novelist, and essayist whose writing focuses on the themes of trauma, healing, creativity, mindfulness and the environment. She is an award-winning author of 16 books and audio programs ranging from novels to poetry and nonfiction and scholarship. Her newest book, Swimming in Gilead, is forthcoming from Yellow Arrow Publishing in 2023. And her poetry has won numerous awards, including the Archibald Rutledge Prize named after the first Poet Laureate of South Carolina, where she lives with her wife. Her website is

Sophomore Slump- Adesuwa Olumhense
Adesuwa Olumhense is a Nigerian-American writer from New York. The child of immigrants, she grew up surrounded by books, and tried to make her own stories when she didn’t quite like the endings. She currently lives in Boston. The other Finalists will be dubbed as The Junior Mages. They are:


Wildling- Emma Wells
Emma is a mother and English teacher. She has poetry published with various literary journals and magazines. She enjoys writing flash fiction and short stories also. Her debut novel, Shelley’s Sisterhood, is due to be published in 2023.


Ascendancy-MK Punky
MK Punky is the creator of the 365-poem interactive art exhibit “The Year of When.”

Euphoria’s Elixir- Sèon, Nanton

Sèon, a Brooklyn-based wordsmith, blends introspection, humor, and nature in his poetry. MFA in Creative Writing, recognized by ROOTs Foundation, his visually oriented approach draws inspiration from photography. As a legally blind African American with albinism, Sèon’s unique perspective shines through in his work. In 2020, he independently published “Psychedelic Mixtape,” exploring themes of beauty, love, and connection through introspective poetry. Join him on a journey of self-discovery.


At What Cost- Andy Betz
Andy Betz has tutored and taught in excess of 40 years. He lives in 1974 and has been married for 30 years. His works are found everywhere a search engine operates.

The Neighbors say I am A Witch- Ashley De Mar
Ashley DeMar is a writer, actor, recording artist, and arts educator from New York. Most recently, her poem “fruit” was selected for publication with Black River Review, and – for the second year in a row – her work has appeared in the Adirondack Center for Writing’s PoemVillage installations in Saranac Lake, NY. She has also been published in the WinglessDreamer anthologies My Cityline (where her poem “Oh, London!” was a top finalist), Erotica of Eternity, and Breath of Love. In 2021, her work was chosen to be part of the U.S. debut of the ‘Of Earth and Sky’ outdoor exhibition and its corresponding poetry anthology in Charlotte, North Carolina. Find her on social media @ashtreeofthesea to follow along for more updates on words and wanderings.

The Witch- Jamie Seibel
Jamie Seibel earned a Master’s Degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from California State University, Sacramento. Her work is forthcoming in Versification Poetry Zine, Wingless Dreamer, The Chamber Magazine, The Tiger Moth Review, Plum Tree Tavern, and Poetry Pacific. Her poem “Children of the Sea” was a top finalist for Wingless Dreamer’s Seashore Contest. Overall, Jamie’s work focuses on mortality, transformation, and the environment.

Get ready with your cauldron and herbs and up the poetry. We are here to provide you with the gateway to the magical world of Fantasy Literature! Astrology, natal charts, horoscopes, Feng Shui, Ancient magical crafts (such as clairvoyance, scrying, etc), Witchcraft, and wizardry are all welcomed in this extravagant poetry Anthology. Be it in the way of a soft murmur or a vigorous swish of the wand, your imagination is the limit.

Look forward to our anthology release!

The Misty Cauldron WA
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