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February 7, 2021  |  Wingless Dreamer  |  Contest

Wingless Dreamer announces an International writing contest, open to everyone who enjoys expressing innermost thoughts and feelings into the beautiful literary medium like writing a poem or short story that is worth telling everyone.

Write a poem, 30 lines, or Write a short story, 500 words or fewer on the topic: Summer

Theme: Summer

Submission fees USD $5

Deadline: 31st August 2021 (ext.)


  • The competition is open to anyone aged 18 or over.

  • Any submission received with the expression of extreme violence, abuse, nudity, or pornography will be eliminated and forever be banned.

  • Your idea or experience can be in any form or style as long as it goes well with the theme for the contest.

  • Remember one poem or short story per writer is allowed.

  • Work should be in English, must be the entrant’s own work and should not have been published or accepted for publication elsewhere (including online), should not have won another competition, or be the translated work of another writer.

  • Kindly read our terms and conditions before submitting your work.

  • WinglessDreamer Poetry Festival Trustees, employees or associates, or members of their families, may not enter.

Please note that submission fees of a minimum amount of USD$5 allow us to offer the winning honorarium and also to offset the cost of publishing and promoting the winning collection. Wingless Dreamer works to supporting the publication of excellent poetry, flash fiction, and short stories collection and supporting our mission to bring the highest quality literature into the world. All submissions will be carefully read, reviewed, and considered for this prestigious prize. Thank you for your understanding.


September 5, 2021  |  Wingless Dreamer  |  Announcements

Well, what an amazing way to kick off those hazy, sunny days and sultry, humid nights of the summer season. You donned your sun hats, sunglasses, and sandals, and welcomed our team onto the seashore with your lovely garden of memories, sandcastle dreams, and heartfelt hopes of this sweltering season. Your top-notch efforts are to be lauded on this delightful picnic, winner or not.

The editorial team at Wingless Dreamer gives an appropriately warm thank you to each of our brilliant writers for allowing us to share in your fun-filled, personal celebrations of the season. We are honored to present the winner, finalists, and contributors for the contest. Let’s hear the drumroll, please. -Kelly Sargent

The grand winner for the Dreamstones Summer Writing Contest is …


Tracey Dean Widelitz is an emerging poet. She sought a BA degree in English Literature, but Life had alternate plans in mind. Tracey is an emerging poet and photographer and is the author of ‘A Heavenly World’, an upcoming published children’s book. She enjoys her morning cinnamon tea and can’t live without puppy kisses.

The first runner-up of Dreamstones of summer writing contest is:


Katherine Wiles is a Creative Writing major at Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee, where she works in the Writing Center. She is a lyricist and a formalist, specializing in poems about the beauty of nature, and her poems have been published in Capsule Stories and the Stillwater Review. Summer is not her favorite season, but she enjoys the opportunity to stay inside with the air conditioning.

The second runner-up of Dreamstones of summer writing contest is:


Madeira Miller is a poet, singer, and songwriter. She is seeking a creative writing degree at Missouri State University.

Give a big hurrah for our top finalists of Dreamstones of summer writing contest:


RC deWinter’s poetry is widely anthologized, notably in New York City Haiku (Universe/NY Times, February 2017), Coffin Bell Two (Coffin Bell, March 2020) Now We Heal: An Anthology of Hope, (Wellworth Publishing, December 2020) in print in 2River, Event Magazine, Gargoyle Magazine, Genre Urban Arts, Meat For Tea: The Valley Review, the Minnesota review, Night Picnic Journal, Prairie Schooner, Plainsongs, The Ogham Stone, Southword, Twelve Mile Review, The York Literary Review, among others and appears in numerous online literary journals. She is also one of the winners of the 2021 Connecticut Shakespeare Festival Sonnet Contest, with an anthology publication forthcoming.


Philip Styrt lives in Davenport, IA with his wife, child, and toothless dog. His poetry unites modern sensibilities and problems with traditional lyric forms, especially the sonnet. His work has been published in carte blanche, Eastern Iowa Review, and Writers Resist, among others, and has been nominated for Best of the Net.


Patricia Mathu spent her summer in an intentional community and regenerative farm in northeastern Illinois. She fell in love with gardening, artisanal flours, and big, communal meals. She has previously published in Penumbra.


Udbhav Rai is a nineteen-year-old writer and filmmaker living in the remote hills of North India. He holds a Creative Writing certificate from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, and is currently pursuing honors in English. His writing has been published in ‘Twist & Twain’ and ‘Flash Fiction North,’ and his first short story collection ‘Lost Minds’ is being published by the Outpublish program.


Theresa Stuart Daigle is an emerging poet from Kirkland, Washington. Having previously finished a career in fundraising, Daigle is now able to devote her time to her first passion of writing. Her poetic work appears in Manashtash Literary Journal, as well as receiving academic recognition in Central Washington University SOURCE Symposium of Research and Creative Expression. She is currently a student at Central Washington University.


Daniella Deutsch is a 26-year-old originally from Los Angeles, California. She migrated to New York as soon as she could, currently studying at NYU’s Silver School of Social Work. She is also a proud preschool teacher at Beginnings Nursery School. Daniella has had three pieces published by online literary journals: Ink and Voices, Little Death Lit, and 5×5 Literary Magazine. She also had a piece published in the most recent issue of Gargoyle Magazine. Lastly, her debut book of poetry titled ‘all the things my mother never told me’ came out in December of 2020.


Nicolas is an 18-year-old writer and a newly graduated high school student. He will be attending Middlebury College to pursue a degree in creative writing. He lives in Frederick MD, where many of his ideas lurk, swimming in the Chesapeake Bay.


TS S. Fulk lives with his wife and three children in Örebro, Sweden as an English teacher and textbook author. After getting an M.A. in English literature from the University of Toronto, he taught in Prague, CZ before settling down in Sweden. Besides teaching and writing, TS S. Fulk is an active musician playing bass trombone, the Appalachian mountain dulcimer, and the Swedish bumblebee dulcimer (hummel). His poetry has appeared in the book Snowdrops by Wingless Dreamer.

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