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Frequently asked


  • Are you open to international submissions?
    Yes, we accept submissions from authors around the world. We believe in promoting diverse voices and perspectives in literature.
  • Do you have any specific manuscript formatting requirements?
    Yes, we have specific formatting guidelines for manuscript submissions. Please send us your submissions with Font: Times New Roman, Font size: 12 pts, Line spacing: 1.5.
  • What sort of literary works are you interested in?
    At Wingless Dreamer Press, we regularly organize monthly contests centered around various themes all year round. Our primary focus lies in publishing exceptional nonfiction works that possess long-lasting appeal and can captivate readers year after year. Our selection process is geared towards seeking submissions that cater to a distinct and passionate target audience. Our publishing house, along with its imprints, covers a diverse range of subjects in the realm of general nonfiction. Some of our areas of interest include: History LGBTQ+ interests True crime Outdoor and nature Poetry Children's and young adult literature, history, and art We aim to curate a collection that encompasses these genres and more, with an emphasis on delivering high-quality content that resonates with readers.
  • What is your preferred method of manuscript submission?
    We prefer electronic submissions through Email and Submittable. Detailed guidelines and instructions can be found on our website.
  • How long does it typically take to receive a response regarding a submitted manuscript?
    Our response time may vary depending on the volume of submissions we receive. Generally, it takes approximately 1-2 months for us to review and respond to submissions.
  • How do you decide the prices of your paperbacks and ebooks?
    The internet has brought significant advancements and transformations to the operations of publishers. At Wingless Dreamer, we leverage print-on-demand technology, eliminating any unnecessary prints and reducing waste. Consequently, our paperbacks and ebooks are priced affordably. Typically, the cost of Wingless Dreamer paperbacks ranges from USD 10 to USD 15, while ebooks are priced between USD 5 and USD 10. These prices encompass shipping costs, printing expenses, and other essential third-party fees. However, it's worth noting that our color prints may be slightly more expensive due to the inherent costs involved. The price range for color prints is generally between USD 18 and USD 25.
  • How do I submit my proposal?
    At the moment, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accept manuscripts submitted by individual authors. However, we are actively working towards incorporating independent publishing into our offerings in the near future. To explore the current submission opportunities, we encourage you to visit our Contests page. Alternatively, you can also email us at, ensuring that you mention the name of the contest in the subject line of your email. Please take note that we do not publish technical and scientific research studies, monographs, papers, or medical books. Therefore, any proposals centered around these areas will not be considered for publication by our press.
  • What are the submission guidelines?
    We highly recommend you to refer to the particular contest guidelines for more info. But in general we follow the below contest guidelines: All entries are judged anonymously and the submitter's name must not appear on the submission itself. All poems must have a title and must not exceed 40 lines in length (excluding title). All short stories must not exceed 500 words. The participant must be 18 years old or above at the time of submitting the work with us. The submission must be in English. Remember one submission, one entry per submitter. Submissions must be the entrant’s original work. Entries must not have been published, self-published, published on a website, or made public on social media, broadcast, or featured among the winners in another competition. Please read our Terms and Conditions before submitting your work.
  • How much time does it takes to receive my order?
    We kindly ask for your understanding and patience regarding order processing and delivery. While we strive to dispatch orders within 10 days, please be aware that factors such as geographic location, weather conditions, and delivery partner challenges may contribute to longer delivery times of up to 1-2 months.
  • Do you offer advances or royalties to authors?
    Due to the compact size of the organisation and financial constraints, currently, we don't provide payments royalties to authors. However, we do have contests with amazing prizes. Do check out our Contest page section.
  • Do you accept previously self-published works?
    No, we don't publish previously published works. Simply because we want to provide more opportunities to unpublished writers.
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