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  • Are you open to international submissions?
    Yes, we accept submissions from authors around the world. We believe in promoting diverse voices and perspectives in literature.
  • What sort of literary works are you interested in?
    At Wingless Dreamer Press, we're all about nonfiction that packs a punch! Join our monthly theme contests and discover captivating reads that stand the test of time. We're on the lookout for exceptional works in Poetry LGBTQ+ interests Horror/Dark Outdoor and nature War Children's and young adult literature History Art Contemporary reads Let's publish stories that leave a lasting impression—because every book deserves its moment to shine!
  • What all services do you provide?
    At Wingless Dreamer Publisher, it's all about English Literature vibes! We have forged a creative universe where every product and service reflects our passion for story-telling. Whether you're looking to publish, edit, or decorate with wall art, we've got you covered. We provide the following products and services to spark your imagination: Publishing books Editing manuscripts Wall Arts Web designing Wellness Journals, Notebooks, Planners and other stationery items Ceramics (Coming Soon) Join our vibrant literary community every Sunday for lively podcasts on Spotify, featuring aspiring writers and English laureates. Tune in every Friday for our YouTube literary escapades, and don't miss our blog articles—they're the cherry on top! Coming soon: a writing course to help you master the art of storytelling without breaking the bank! We're also giving back—part of our children's book sales supports education for kids in Mumbai orphanages. Let's write, create, and make a positive impact together!
  • Do you publish independent books?
    Currently, we do not publish independent books, but we are excited to include this option in the near future! Chop! Chop! Finish up your manuscript by then.
  • What about financial compensation to writers?
    Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide financial compensation to our writers unless there is a winning honorarium tied to a particular writing contest. This is due to the compact size of the organisation and limited fundings. Today we celebrate poetry.
  • What is your preferred method of manuscript submission?
    We prefer electronic submissions through Email and Submittable. Detailed guidelines and instructions can be found on our website.
  • How long does it typically take to receive a response regarding a submitted manuscript?
    Our response time may vary depending on the volume of submissions we receive. Generally, it takes approximately 1-2 months for us to review and respond to submissions.
  • How do you decide the prices of your paperbacks and ebooks?
    The internet has brought significant advancements and transformations to the operations of publishers. At Wingless Dreamer, we leverage print-on-demand technology, eliminating any unnecessary prints and reducing waste. Consequently, our paperbacks and ebooks are priced affordably. Typically, the cost of Wingless Dreamer paperbacks ranges from USD 10 to USD 25, while ebooks are priced between USD 5 and USD 10. These prices encompass shipping costs, printing expenses, and other essential third-party fees.
  • Do you have any specific manuscript formatting requirements?
    Yes, we have specific formatting guidelines for manuscript submissions. Please send us your submissions with Font: Times New Roman, Font size: 12 pts, Line spacing: 1.5.
  • I want to order books in bull...Wholesale/Bulk enquiry
    To inquire about wholesale orders, please reach out to us via email with your specific requirements. We will get back to you soon.
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