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Wingless Dreamer Publisher

A teal-colored poetry book titled Diversity: There's a beauty in that too


If Wingless Dreamer Publisher decides to publish your work, we ask for first-time publishing rights, as well as the right to archive your work on our website indefinitely. After your work has been published in our magazine, the rights are then reverted back to you. If your work is reprinted elsewhere, credit Wingless Dreamer Publisher as the original publisher.

We reserve the right to include your work on our website, in printed form, and in collections of work acquired from our past issues, such as annual anthologies. Wingless Dreamer Publisher retains all the first serial rights on submitted artwork and images till the artwork gets published; after publication rights belong to the artist/photographer.

By submitting your artwork or photography, you agree to allow Wingless Dreamer Publisher to display your work on our website, YouTubeTwitterInstagram, and Facebook.  If your work is used on any of the aforementioned websites, your artwork or photography will always be credited to you.

We reserve the right to modify the accepted work in terms of phrasing, punctuation, word usage, spelling, and capitalization. 

You, the author, artist, or photographer, confirm that your work is wholly original, does not violate or infringe upon the copyright or privacy of any other person, company, or organization whatsoever and that you, the author, are the sole owner and creator of the work to be published.

Kindly, keep in mind Wingless Dreamer does not accept previously published works. This is mainly to provide more opportunities to the emerging writers and avoid copyright violations among publishers.

The publishing company does not provide royalty payments to contributors upon publication due to limited financial capacity.

Only the winner and writers going through financial strains will get free complimentary copies of the book. All the selected submitters can ask for a free pdf version of the book.

For any further queries please write to us at


For wholesale inquiries send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for submitting!


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