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September 18, 2020  |  Wingless Dreamer  |  Contest

For this poetry contest, there are No Rules. You dictate the laws and perimeters you choose to follow. The rest is up to the readers to fall in love with your poems. Poetry can be a tough literary form for youth to naturally gravitate toward, seeing as a lot of messages can be open to vast interpretation. This season Wingless Dreamer is proud to present the ‘2020 Heartfelt Poetry Contest’. Yes, you heard us right. There is no limit to your creativity, Write your heart out!

Prize: The winner and top 10 finalists will receive the certificate of appreciation along with the chance to publish their poems with us!

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee for this contest. It’s completely free.

Help writers by donating to Wingless Dreamer: However, we really appreciate donations! These donations keep our writing community running. You can make your donation through PayPal: (

Closing Date:

30th November 2020, the winning and commended poems will also be published in the competition anthology.



  • The competition is open to anyone aged 18 or over.

  • Poems may be on any subject and in any form or style.

  • They must be typed and not longer than 20 lines (excluding title).

  • Poems should be in English, must be the entrant’s own work and should not have been published or accepted for publication elsewhere (including online), should not have won another poetry competition or be the translated work of another poet. Violation of this point may result in disqualification and forbid the writer to participate in future contests.

  • Closing date: midnight on 30th November 2020. Entries received after this time will not be considered.

  • All poems are judged anonymously and should not bear your name, or any other form of identification.

  • No changes can be made to a poem once it has been submitted.

  • The decision of the judge is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  • WinglessDreamer Poetry Festival Trustees, employees or associates, or members of their families, may not enter.

  • The winners will be contacted by email or post in the month of December 2020 on our website and on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram).


Instagram: @winglessdreamer1

Please note that submission fees of a minimum amount of USD$5 allow us to offer the winning honorarium and also offset the cost of publishing and promoting the winning collection. Wingless Dreamer works to support the publication of excellent poetry, flash fiction, and short stories collection and support our mission to bring the highest quality literature into the world. All submissions will be carefully read, reviewed, and considered for this prestigious prize. Thank you for your understanding.

February 8, 2021  |  Wingless Dreamer  |  Announcements

Love comes as a violent crash of waves on the rocky shores, at the same time, it embodies the warm feeling of holding a hot cup of coffee on a chilly evening. It is a feeling that transcends the boundaries of culture and language. It makes us feel whole and mended, all at once. No one is without love; it is our most basic human need. Whether it be familial, platonic, or romantic, love is what drives us in every aspect of our lives and makes us whole.

Wingless dreamer conducted our 2021 Love Poetry Contest asking writers to write about love in any of its infinite forms, from small intimate moments to how love has impacted their lives as a whole. We were astounded by the number of poets who poured out their hearts to us in creative and magical ways. We want to extend our gratitude to the writers who shared their love stories with us for this contest and express that with so many wonderful submissions it was an incredibly difficult decision to make.  We are so grateful that we were able to read so many incredible poems, and hope that all of the individuals who submitted to our Love Poetry Contest continue to write and pursue their passions for writing and for love.

The grand winner of the Breath of love poetry contest 2021 and winning an honorarium of $100 is:

Christian Deery for the poem Annie Key

Woohoo! Congratulations! We loved your poem. It’s quite unique and very well written. Well done Christian.

And here are some amazing top finalists:

Laura Marshall – The Leper Colony

Amanda Held- Criss Cross Applesauce

Laura Austin- Queens of the forest

Amir Huda- Oblivion

Blue Moon- Michael King

Annie Tran- February ice in the sky

Carol Baker – Grace

James Huss – Words and Phrases

From the bottom of our heart we would also like to appreciate and encourage other contestants who participated with us. Everyone did a tremendous job. It was one of the most difficult judging contest ever. Well done everyone.

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