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Sufi and the Mystical Moon Writing Contest 2023

All of the works in this anthology have given me a singular pleasure to read. No work was like another, and the connection I have felt with every writer, every poet, while reading it, is indescribable.

The themes of this book rest on two paradigms – and to find threads of connections of these two themes in the works was an incredibly gratifying task. I hope that every writer who contributed to this process, and took the time to share their stories, feelings and thoughts can also derive the same pleasure out of seeing their work on page, and perhaps, out of reading the works alongside them.

It was an emotional journey – going through the entries – and picking a winner out of these exquisite works was an almost impossible task.

I wish the best to every writer out there. I hope this reaches every writer, not just the ones who contributed to this, but also to anyone who is chasing their inspiration. I wish the best to everyone who contributed!
Warm regards,
Mrunal Rajadhyaksha

Announcing the Sufi and the Mystical Moon Contest results

👑 And the Winner Is: 🏆
🌟 Andy Betz – "THE WOMEN IN MY LIFE" 🌟

A tutor and teacher of over four decades, Andy Betz resides in the tapestry of 1974, enriched by a 31-year marriage. His works reverberate wherever search engines roam.

🥈 Our First Runner Up: 🥈
🌙 James B. Nicola – "THE KNIGHT AT NIGHT" 🌙

James B. Nicola, an esteemed contributor, orchestrates the dance of words in eight poetry collections. A laureate of faith and sense, his literary symphony continues to dazzle. A beacon of the written craft, his presence is celebrated.

🥉 Next in Line: 🥉
🌬️ Sarah Xin – "WINDSWEPT" 🌬️

An undergrad at Emory University, Sarah Xin, is a luminary in the making. With a penchant for verses that flutter like wind-kissed leaves, she paints emotions with ink and paper. A passionate blend of psychology and English, her journey is as beautiful as her poetry.

🌟 And Let's Applaud Our Top Finalists: 🌟
💫 Steven Dee Kish 💫

An internationally published bard, Steven Dee Kish lays bare his soul on paper. Over fifty poems grace his international portfolio, with a writing style that mirrors the razor's edge of life. Through his words, he dares to confront the elephant in the room, offering solace to those seeking light.

These poetic stars have ignited our hearts, minds, and pages with their celestial artistry. We thank all the entrants for sharing their souls with us and embracing the moon's whisper. Stay tuned for more literary magic from Wingless Dreamer Publisher! 📚🎉 #PoetryWinners #CelestialVerse

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