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My Glorious Quill Writing Contest 2022

I am thrilled to declare Dennis Connellan as the grand winner for his extraordinary literary achievement, "Celestial." Dennis's work stood out for its depth, imagery, and ability to transport the reader to celestial realms of imagination.

Joining him on the podium are our talented runners-up: Marc Gull for the enchanting "Orpheus" and Dr. Bahet B for the stirring "Tomorrow." Their contributions enriched our contest with their artistry and emotional resonance.

Furthermore, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to our finalists: Tiara Mica, L.J. Gallagher, Caitlin McKenna, and Mea Andrews. Your poems captivated us with their creativity and thought-provoking themes, adding to the richness of our literary landscape.

To all participants, thank you for sharing your words with us. Each poem contributed to the tapestry of our contest, creating a diverse and vibrant mosaic of expression.

As we celebrate the talent and creativity showcased in this contest, let us continue to nurture our love for poetry and support one another on our artistic journeys.

Best, Ruchi Acharya

Celebrating Success: Dennis Connellan, Crowned Champion in My Glorious Quill Poetry Contest 2022

Announcing the triumphant winner of our literary journey, Dennis Connellan, for his captivating masterpiece "Celestial."

Securing the position of first runner-up is Marc Gull, with his compelling work "Orpheus," while the second runner-up title goes to Dr. Bahet B for the poignant piece "Tomorrow."

Celebrating alongside them are our esteemed finalists: Tiara Mica for the evocative "The End," L.J. Gallagher for the enchanting "Christmas Tree Friday," Caitlin McKenna for the thought-provoking "Taxidermy Butterfly," and Mea Andrews for the poignant "Monkey Forest Memorial."

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