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Passionate Penholders

Check out the winners who hold the winning pen of Passionate penholders Writing Contest

Discover Undying Passion for Language with This Month’s Contest: Passionate Penholders

Discover Undying Passion for Language with This Month’s Contest: Passionate Penholders

December 28, 2019 | Wingless Dreamer | Announcements

List of the Contributors to the Passionate Penholders: Winter edition 2019

This year we at Wingless Dreamer went on a mission to discover the most passionate penholders. And let me tell you, we found even more passionate writers than we ever could have imagined! We received about 500 submissions from all around the world. Our editorial board enjoyed reading each and every piece thoroughly and we truly appreciate the efforts and dedication participants put into their work. It was a game of tug of war between the judges and the editorial team to select a winner. Finally, in the end, we were able to land on the same shore.

From our Founder:
“It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, writing is always about expressing your emotions and we want to let you know that all the participants did a great job. We congratulate all the contestants for their work and we look forward to reading more in the near future.”-Ruchi Acharya, Wingless Dreamer Founder

The time has come to announce the winner of our much-lauded Wingless Dreamer Passionate Penholders Poetry Competition. Drum roll, please!

Josh Sullivian

Yahoooo! We would also like to congratulate the top 10 finalists:

Hope Atlas

Thomas Young

Liz Prieto

Cherie Butler

James Swansbrough

Robert Keeler


Jonathan Heidenrich

Gary Beaumier

Dean Gessie for their amazing work. Your work was exceptional and you made it. That’s terrific! Hurrah!

We would also like to place our thanks to all the participants to trust us with their work and give us a chance to read your work. Thank you to the Wingless Dreamer editorial team, Judges, and Contestants to make this publication possible.

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