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Into the Gloom Dark Writing Contest 2024

When the weight of the world seems too heavy, find solace in your craft. Pour your heart onto the page, whether it's filled with joy or heartache. Writing is not just about capturing happiness; it's about releasing pain, finding catharsis, and letting your soul breathe freely. Your words can be your sanctuary, a safe haven where you can heal, transform, and soar.
I just want you to remember that you are never alone in this journey. There is a community of fellow writers as such Wingless Dreamer who understand your struggles, who have walked the same path, and who are cheering you on. Reach out to us, share with us your experiences, and be open to receiving the support and encouragement you deserve.
Celebrate your small victories. A single sentence written is a step forward. A rejected manuscript is a badge of courage, showing that you dared to share your voice with the world. Every time you pick up your pen or type on your keyboard, you are declaring that your story matters.
So, my dear struggling writers, hold onto your dreams with unwavering determination. Let your setbacks fuel your ambition, and let your moments of darkness inspire your words. You have the power to rise from the depths, to turn your struggles into stories that resonate with others who may be facing similar challenges. I hope you’re getting me.
In the end, keep writing, keep creating, and keep believing in yourself.
With unwavering support and endless admiration, Nadelina Agopoglu

Into the Gloom Winning Announcement

Hold your breath. The grand winner for Into the Gloom Writing Contest 2024 is:

Crystal E. Barker grew up on a farm in the hills of Kentucky. She earned a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Berea College in Berea, Kentucky and went on to earn her Master’s in Nursing at California State University, Los Angeles. She serves Veterans as a Registered Nurse in the VA Medical Center. Her poetry is award winning and is published in county, state, national and international works. She has compiled a poetry anthology, has contributed to many poetry anthologies, and has published her own works of poetry. She published her collection of poems entitled: “Homelessness Through the Eyes of a Nurse In the City” in English, Farsi, Hindi, Spanish and Tagalog with the publisher Poets’ Choice. Crystal writes from a compassionate, service- heart that is full of the spectrum of emotion with the influence of her rural upbringing, love for nature and nursing career. She wishes to have her poetry inspire others while illustrating our connectedness in human suffering, joys, hopes and dreams no matter our culture or geographical location in the world.

The first runner-up is:

Kristie Patterson is a Canadian poet completing her Master's degree in Creative Writing at Cambridge University in England. She is 23 years old and besides writing (and reading!), she is an avid photographer and swimmer. Her Twitter account is @deerimogen.

The second runner-up is:

Steve Gerson writes poetry and flash about life's dissonance. He has published in CafeLit, Panoplyzine, Crack the Spine, Decadent Review, Vermilion, In Parentheses, Wingless Dreamer, Big Bend Literary Magazine, Coffin Bell, and more, plus his chapbooks Once Planed Straight; Viral; And the Land Dreams Darkly; and The 13th Floor: Step into Anxiety from Spartan Press.

Beat the drums. Here are the top finalists:

Russell Chamberlain lives in the Pacific Northwest with his family. He recently published an article in the Salt Weekly (issue 35) about the independent music scene in Nashville, Tennessee. He writes short stories, fiction, and poetry.

Brent McCulley is a 33 year old writer, poet, and educator residing in South Florida. He has two kids and two cats.

Sky Pagani Is a writer from Portland Oregon. They enjoy writing short introspective fiction and lyrical poetry, and reading similar genres.

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