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T.S. Eliot Poetry Contest

Welcome all!

Muses of Eliot is an anthology created out of inspiration. It was created out of individual readings an interpretations of the writers and poets that created these pieces, and it was just mesmerising to see how people view the same piece of work from such different perspectives.

T.S. Eliot, the poet whose works are the foundations of this anthology, has been known as a canonical poet. The deconstruction of the idea of the ‘canon’ has been one of my personal aspirations, and to play a part – albeit small – is a great honour.

I felt incredibly privileged to read and immerse myself all the creative and exquisite works while judging the contest. I found all of them incredibly riveting and unforgettable. Judging and picking winners was incredibly difficult, because all of the works were phenomenal.

I hope this anthology reaches everyone who has been inspired by canonical literary names. And I hope everyone reading this keeps following the threads of inspiration they find!

With warmest regards,
Mrunal Rajadhyaksha

T.S. Eliot Poetry Contest Winners: Capturing the Essence of War and Beyond

Crowning Achievement:

1. Jessie Lifton – “I REMEMBER TIMES WHEN” (Inspired by “The Hollow Men”)

Hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago, Jessie Lifton emerges as the deserving recipient of the crown. Her poignant reflection on war, encapsulated in her poem "I REMEMBER TIMES WHEN," mirrors the spirit of Eliot's "The Hollow Men" with grace and creativity.

First Runner Up:

2. Sumita Lall – “HOLLOWED GROUND” (Inspired by “The Hollow Men”)

Originally from Canada and now a dedicated educator in Ventura, California, Sumita Lall's poem "HOLLOWED GROUND" stands as a testament to her literary prowess. Her work pays homage to Eliot's "The Hollow Men" while carving its own unique path.

A Glimpse into Desolation:

3. Rachel Price – “THE VALLEY OF DRY BONES” (Inspired by “The Waste Land”)

With a passion for poetry that resonates deeply, Rachel Price offers us "THE VALLEY OF DRY BONES." Drawing inspiration from "The Waste Land," her verses create vivid imagery that reflects the complexities of war and life.

Distinguished Finalists:

4. Emily Elledge – “HYSTERIA” (Inspired by “Hysteria”)
Hailing from Mississippi, Emily Elledge's "HYSTERIA... After T.S. Eliot" serves as a response to Eliot's poem of the same name, published in 1917. As a stay-at-home mom and aspiring illustrator, her creative response adds a modern touch to Eliot's themes.

Steve Gerson – “THE PLAINTIVE MOANS OF A DRY MAN” (Inspired by “Gerontion”)

5. Steve Gerson, a seasoned poet and writer, has skillfully woven his verses into "THE PLAINTIVE MOANS OF A DRY MAN." His work resonates with Eliot's themes from "Gerontion," delving into life's dissonance with thought-provoking clarity.

In celebrating the prowess of these talented writers, we pay homage to T.S. Eliot's legacy and the enduring impact of his poetry. Each entry captures the essence of war and its complex aftermath, presenting fresh perspectives that reflect the resilience of the human spirit. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winners, runners up, and finalists for their exceptional contributions to the world of literature.

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