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Unheard phantoms Dark Poetry/Short story contest 2023

Unheard Phantoms explores the genre that provokes adrenaline rush. It evokes fear and suspense which creates a heightened sense of excitement and engagement. It makes the stories very vivid and the readers can’t help but immerse themselves into it.

Escapism: People are drawn to fiction and storytelling as a means of escaping their everyday lives. Horror and dark stories offer a break from reality and transport readers or viewers to thrilling and mysterious worlds- a world where the reader experiences thrill.

Unique storytelling: Horror often blends elements of fantasy, science fiction, and psychological drama, leading to unique and innovative storytelling that captures the imagination. Dark and mysterious tales can be intellectually stimulating, especially when they include intricate plots, mysteries, and psychological twists that challenge the audience's perception and reasoning.

Unheard Phantoms allows the readers to interact with the darker and morbid side of fiction and human mind. It exposes the readers to various themes of paranormal activities, unhealthy mental being and the consequences of it.

In conclusion, Unheard Phantoms caters to the fascination with horror stories lies in the complex emotions they elicit and the opportunity they provide to explore the darker aspects of the human experience in a safe and controlled setting.

-Esha Shukla, Editor

Unveiling the Shadows: Winners of the Unheard Phantoms Anthology Revealed!

The winner of this contest is:
1. David King- Killer Beauty

David "Dapeki" King is a Miami-based writer who loves spending hours upon hours spinning horror, thriller, and suspense stories into a web of creative chaos. Reading the words written by Dapeki is guaranteed to lift you off your feet and show you sights you couldn't possibly see elsewhere. With a truly creative mind, it is clear the time, effort, and passion Dapeki puts into all of his work.

Next, we have:

2. Kevin Jackson- The Mark of Freyja
Kevin Jackson is an African American writer and filmmaker based in the Inland Empire. You can find his work in Kelp Journal, Pacific Review, Coffin Bell Journal and The Bookends Review. Kevin aims to write work that resonates and sticks with the reader for years to come.
Our final Runner up is:
3. John Sara- The Skeleton Man
John Sara is a writer from Parma, Ohio. He received his BFA in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University and is currently pursuing his MFA at Ashland University. John enjoys writing work which combines horror, comedy, and the absurd.

Cue the confetti for our top finalists too!

4. Jiaxin Li- Power Outage

Jiaxin Li is a senior international student at Haverford College. They major in English and Philosophy and live with two adorable cats.

5. Helen Gu- Fresh-Faced Up
Helen Gu is a writer in California. She is a second-generation Chinese-American who is trying to find her own voice in the world through poetry. She writes about identity, grief, love, and the cosmos.
We have very talented writers with us and we greatly appreciate your participation in “Unheard Phantoms”.

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