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Poetry on Life Writing Contest

To all the poets who have struggled with themselves,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this anthology of Poetry On Life. As the editor, I have had the honour of reading each and every work of art submitted to this collection, and I must say, the talent displayed within these pages is truly remarkable. It is truly an honour to bear witness to the life experiences of each and every poet.

For me, life is a black hole with endless possibilities. It is an overwhelming presence that absorbs everything good and bad. Life is experiencing a heart-stopping event, but life is also the happiness that comes with doing the absolutely mundane things in life. Similarly, for some writing is a life changing experience, for others it can be an everyday routine - a comfort amongst the unfamiliar eyes.

Writing is a thread of gold interweaved between you and me. A passion that burns within us, a desire that transcends boundaries of time and space and touches the hearts and minds of readers we may never meet.

As I read through the poems in this collection, I am struck by the depth of feeling, the artistry, and the sheer skill on display. Each of you has found a way to capture the essence of life – its beauty, its melancholy, its mystery – in your own unique way. Each of you has breathed life into the written word, making it sing, making it dance, making it soar.

I want to thank you for sharing your work with us, for taking the time to craft something beautiful and true. Your words have touched me deeply, and I hope they will touch others as well. I encourage you to keep writing, to keep exploring the depths of your own creativity, to keep chasing after that elusive spark that makes writing such a joy and a privilege.

With warmest regards,

Suhani Hirpara

Unveiling the Victors: Poetry on Life Writing Contest Winner Announcement

Without further ado, here is our grand winner of the winter poetry contest!

Abigail Leigh - ‘In the Middle of You’

Abigail Leigh is a 28-year-old harpist and poet from Oregon. As a self-proclaimed paradox, both a creative and analytical being, she draws inspiration from life's dichotomies: the belief that light and darkness, growth and decay, joy and sorrow--travel in tandem. Every season has a story to tell, and she writes because she is committed to unveiling the truth from learned experiences. Her poetry has been published in Darling Magazine, Black Fox Literary Magazine, Equinox Biannual Journal, Clayjar Review, Foreshadow Magazine, Kosmeo Magazine, and Yours Poetically.

The first runner-up is:

Crystal E. Barker - ‘Elder Wisdom Under the Harvest Moon’

Crystal E. Barker grew up on a farm in the hills of Kentucky. She earned a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Berea College in Berea, Kentucky and went on to earn her Master’s in Nursing at California State University, Los Angeles. She serves Veterans as a Registered Nurse in the VA Medical Center. Her poetry is award-winning and is published in county, state, national and international works. She published her collection of poems entitled: “Homelessness Through the Eyes of a Nurse In the City” with Poet’s Choice. Most recently she compiled the Carter County Poetry Society Anthology 2022.

Our second runner-up is:

Brandon Shane - ‘my mother, the adventurer’

Brandon Shane is an alumnus of California State University, Long Beach, where he majored in Creative Writing. He is currently pursuing an MFA in poetry, all while working as a writing instructor and substitute teacher. You can find him at:

Cue the confetti for our top finalists:

Francine Rockey- ‘After work, I leave this note on your desk.’

Francine Rockey is the author of TO FIND TREASURE IN THE MOUNTAINS. She has an MFA in poetry and a certificate in Children's Literature from San Diego State University. Her poetry has appeared in The Dirigible Balloon, The Mom Egg Review and The Scriblerus. You can find her in stunning Bend, OR, hiking along trails and under waterfalls with her forever valentine and two young kiddos.

Adesiyan Oluwapelumi - ‘Mount’

Adesiyan Oluwapelumi,TPC XI, is the winner of the Cheshire White Ribbon Day Creative Competition, an Honourable Mention recipient in the Coexist Lit International Metamorphosis Writing Contest and a finalist in the WeNaija Literary Contest. He writes to explore the intersectionality between memory, language, identity, religion and selfhood. Some of his works are published/forthcoming in Poetry Wales, IHRAF, Kissing Dynamite, IceFloe Press,Eunoia Review, African Writer Magazine, Brittle Paper, Lumiere Review among many other publications and anthologies. He reads poetry for the Five South and the Kitchen Table Quarterly. He stans Timi Sanni & tweets @ademindpoems.

We are truly delighted to have read the stories of every one of you! We cannot wait to see what the future holds for this incredible community of writers and poets, and we hope that you will continue to share your voices and your visions with the world!

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