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Symphony of Seasons

All of the works in this anthology have given me a singular pleasure to read. No work was like another, and the connection I have felt with every writer, every poet, while reading it, is indescribable.

To find threads of connections in the themes in the works was an incredibly gratifying task. I hope that every writer who contributed to this process, and took the time to share their stories, feelings and thoughts can also derive the same pleasure out of seeing their work on page, and perhaps, out of reading the works alongside them.

It was an emotional journey – going through the entries – and picking a winner out of these exquisite works was an almost impossible task.

I wish the best to every writer out there. I hope this reaches every writer, not just the ones who contributed to this, but also to anyone who is chasing their inspiration. I wish the best to everyone who contributed!
Warm regards, Mrunal Rajadhyaksha

Winner of the Symphony of Seasons was adorned with a crown of flowers

The winner is:

1. Hugh Findlay – “CALENDAR HAIKU”

Hugh Findlay’s writing and photography have been published worldwide. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2020 for poetry, he is in the third trimester of life and hopes y’all like his stuff.
Our runner ups are:


Julissa Beltran, a Mexican-American, is an 18-year-old college freshman majoring in sociology. She started writing during her sophomore year of high school. Her work can be found in Other Women Worldly Press. She enjoys reading, dancing, and working out in her free time. She hopes that she can help and be a voice for her community.


Brynn Teske is a transgender poet and novelist based in Minnesota. He’s an English undergraduate who is passionate about mental health, spicy villain arcs and stealing horses in Red Dead Redemption II. Brynn is a lifelong writer. He completed his first novelette in the third grade and was unable to stop.

Also, our top finalists!


Ravichandra P. Chittampalli was formerly Professor and Chair of the Department of English, University of Mysore, India. He was the Northrop Frye Fellow, Victoria College, University of Toronto; twice Shastri Fellow at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and K. Tirumalachar Fellow at Dhvanyaloka, Mysore. He was the President of the Indian Association for Canadian Studies, and a Director of International Council for Canadian Studies, Ottawa, Canada. His poems have been published by The Sunday Mail, Lakeview, Annual Shakespeare, Dreich, Otherwise Engaged, Aurora and Blossoms, Aloe, Dillydoun Review, In Parentheses, Havik Literary Journal, Kind Writers Literary Journal, Naugatuck River Review and Wingless Dreamer. Kendra Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi has published his translations from Kannada to English. His poems and translations are taught at Karnataka State Open University. He reads his poems regularly at Between Lines, the Q’s Blue World event. He currently lives in Malaysia.


David W. Berner is the author of several works of personal narrative and fiction. He has been the Writer-in-Residence at the Jack Kerouac Project and has been honored by the Chicago Writers Association, the Eric Hoffer Book Award, the Society of Midland Authors, and the Hawthorne Prize for this prose.

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