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Top 10 Unconventional Techniques for Getting Your Work Published

Updated: Apr 28

In the constantly evolving world of publishing, traditional paths to success are becoming even more increasingly crowded and competitive. Aspiring writers and creatives often find themselves needing to seek alternative routes to share their work with the world. This article offers fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to break through the publishing barrier.

1. Leverage Social Media Serializations:

Platforms like Instagram and Twitter are not only for networking. Consider serializing your work in posts or threads. Salvador Simó garnered attention by posting his short stories on Twitter, leading to a surprise book deal.

2. Tap Into Online Writing Communities:

Engage with platforms like Wattpad or Archive of Our Own. These communities not only offer feedback, but they also provide exposure. Amanda Hocking, for instance, was able to rise to fame by self-publishing her novels on these types of platforms.

3. Podcast Your Stories:

Transform your written work into a podcast series. This auditory medium can captivate an audience that prefers listening over reading. Look at the success of “Welcome to Night Vale” which started as a podcast and expanded into a book series.

4. Collaborate with Influencers:

Partner with social media influencers to promote your work. A shout-out from an influencer in your genre can significantly boost the visibility of your works.

5. Utilize Visual Platforms:

Use platforms like Pinterest or Instagram to promote the visual aspects of your work. Graphic novels, illustrations, or book aesthetics can attract a visual-oriented audience.

6. Interactive Storytelling through Gaming Platforms:

Consider platforms like Twitch for interactive storytelling. Engage with the gaming community by narrating stories or creating narrative-driven games.

7. Explore Email Newsletters:

Start an email newsletter series to share snippets of your work. This direct approach can build a dedicated readership, as seen with the rise of platforms like Substack.

8. Engage in Live Readings on Streaming Platforms:

Platforms like YouTube Live or Twitch offer opportunities for live readings. Interacting with your audience in real-time can create a loyal fanbase.

9. Target Niche Forums and Subreddits:

Post your work in niche forums or subreddits related to your genre. This targeted approach ensures your work reaches an audience already interested in your style or topic.

10. Create a Multimedia Experience:

Blend your writing with other media forms like music or video. This multimedia approach caters to an audience that appreciates a multi-sensory experience.

The journey to getting your work published doesn't have to be conventional. By embracing the digital age and exploring innovative platforms and strategies, writers can find new pathways to share their stories and connect with audiences worldwide. These unconventional techniques are not just about getting published; they're about redefining what it means to be an author in the modern world.



Nadelina Agopoglu, American Armenian, is a lifelong literature lover. Nadelina firmly believes in unconditionally supporting creatives in their production, evident through her work at Wingless Dreamer Publisher, a company dedicated to empowering and promoting creative individuals. With a profound love and fondness of Armenian and Women’s Literature, Nadelina explores the intricacies of these distinguished literary domains. Among her favorite literary pieces are In the Dreamhouse by Carmen Maria Macchado and The Fool by Raffi. Nadelina Agopoglu has been preparing her debut in the literary world, having written multiple short stories and a poetry collection over the span of a few years. During her time writing, she has undertaken many opportunities in order to bring her works to their highest potential by working with other creatives and by constantly consuming various pieces of literary work. She advocates for the accessibility of creative production, and strongly believes that everyone should be able to follow their passions and have their work recognized.


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