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What is poetry?

“To see a world in a grain of sand

And heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the

Palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour.”

William Blake
Wingless Dreamer publisher gave a blank canvas to the writers, and they painted it with their words. We held an open-theme poetry contest in February 2022, where the writers dived inside the ocean full of their thoughts, and chose a drop of it to let the world know what it means to vanish in magic, to vanish in poetry. We got an overwhelming response as we got many assorted and eccentric submissions from all around the world. After deliberate thought and consideration, we finally came up with a winner. So, cue the confetti as e announce our winners!

Beat the drums. The grand winner is:


Ben Macnair is an award-winning poet, playwright, journalist and musician from Staffordshire, in the United Kingdom. Follow him on Twitter @benmacnair

The first runner-up is:


Brynn is an LGBT+ writer based in Minnesota. He is currently an English undergraduate at MSUM. His passions lie in experimental forms, mental health, and his home zoo. His work has appeared in Red Weather Literary Magazine, Firstwriter’s online publication, Wingless Dreamer’s Dawn Anthology, and PCC Inscape Magazine. He shares art and writing on Instagram as

The second runner-up is:


Brianna Malotke is a freelance writer and member of the Horror Writers Association. Some of her most recent work can be found online at The Crypt, Witch House Amateur Magazine, Dark Entries Journal, and Sirens Call Publications. Her horror poems are in the anthologies Beneath, Cosmos, The Deep, and Beautiful Tragedies 2. She has a short story in the anthology, The Dire Circle, from D&T Publishing. In April 2022, two of her body horror poems were included in the Women in Horror Poetry Showcase, Under Her Skin, published by Black Spot Books. Looking ahead to 2023, she will be a “Writer in Residence” at the Chateau d’Orquevaux in France.

A huge round of applause for our top finalists:


Evie Groch, Ed.D. enjoys writing poetry, short stories, memoirs, opinion pieces, and letters to the editor. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Contra Costa Times, and online venues. Many of her poems are found in published anthologies such as Soul Poet Society – Quintessence Anthology, My Robot & Me Anthology, My Father Taught Me Anthology, and Touching, Poems of Love Anthology. Her favorite themes are travel, language, immigration, and justice. She peppers her writing with words from a variety of world languages, several of which she speaks. She is the author of What Do You Bring to the Table? and the about to be published poetry book titled Half the Hurricanes.


Rod is a writer from sub-tropical Central Queensland who has an avid collection of folders and journals filled with half-finished works, concepts, and ideas. Writing more for personal enjoyment and reflection than anything else, Rod has engaged in a range of different styles in poetry, short stories, and scripts; some of which have been longlisted, shortlisted and published. Most recently Rod’s poems “Jigsaw” and “Can you imagine?” were published in the 2020 ‘Dark Poetry’ collection; “Darkness of Sunrise” in the 2021 ‘Emily Dickinson Poetry Collection’; “In the cool of the morning” in the 2021 ‘Dawn of the day’ anthology; and two poems ‘Emptiness of my soul’ and ‘Descent into darkness’ in the 2021 ‘The Book of Black’. In 2022, Rod has two more poems being published: ‘A River Run Dry’ in “Garden of poets” and ‘When it is dark’ in “My Cityline”.

Congratulations to everyone who made it to our anthology. All the submitters’ names will soon be displayed on the same page. Stay tuned. Enjoy this eclectic and whimsical collection about what it means to be truly limitless. Check out the anthology for this contest, Vanish in Poetry. Never give up on your dreams. Keep writing. Now, you’re a Wingless Dreamer too.

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