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Surviving Solitary Confinement: Writing Your Novel

Being a writer and having three pending novels lying in the dust on my bookshelves, I can understand how difficult it can be to live in solitary confinement and stay motivated to finish at least one page every day.

When you're having a showdown with solitary confinement while working on your novel, it's important to maintain a sense of routine and creativity. Having a routine in your life will forge discipline which is required to keep your activities in check and to ensure that you're utilising your time to the fullest. On the other hand, Creativity is the magical pixie dust that needs to be sprinkled from time to time to curate a masterpiece flowing through your soul and getting inked straight onto the papers.

Start by establishing a daily schedule that includes dedicated writing sessions, breaks for physical activity or relaxation, and regular meals. Use this time alone to seep deeper into your characters and plot, allowing your imagination to flourish without distractions. Sometimes, your brain needs a change of view apart from the screen to let the creative juice flow. You may never know the significance of perspective change until you put it into practice. By taking a break and returning to your literary piece you will be able to see your work from a fresh perspective. Do it more often. Let's discuss how to attain all this below one by one:


Begin your morning with sweat—yes, you heard that right! Morning sweat is crucial for awakening your dormant mind and body. Without igniting that adrenaline rush from the depths of slumber, you won't be able to produce the work of an English laureate. So, no matter how much you despise morning exercise, in the name of English Literature, you must sacrifice your comfort and spring into action. You don't have to necessarily hit the gym; even jogging, running, home workouts, or swimming will suffice as long as you exert yourself and break a sweat.

Gym/Home workout









Relaxation isn't always as straightforward as it appears. Many people mistakenly believe that simply doing nothing qualifies as relaxation, but its meaning goes much deeper. True relaxation is essential for maintaining our overall well-being and nurturing a profound connection to our spiritual selves. In today's fast-paced, commercialized world, we often find ourselves weighed down by stress, experiencing frequent mood swings, developing indecisiveness, and feeling disconnected from our inner selves and the peaceful world around us. This can lead to a blockage in our creative flow and limit our ability to see beyond the predictable.

To truly relax, it's important to go beyond the surface and validate our emotions, bodily sensations, and thoughts while embracing stillness.

By cultivating a sense of inner quietude, balancing our thoughts and actions, and tapping into inner peace and tranquility, we can release tension from our bodies and achieve genuine relaxation. Here are a few activities and techniques you can try:


Listening to music

Nature walk

Adult coloring books

Grounding techniques


Petting animals




Breathing exercises

Letter writing


Tai Chi

Drawing Mandalas

Any hobby


One of the perks of eating your favourite meal is that it releases one of the happy hormones called Dopamine. Consuming your favourite food triggers the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward. This surge in dopamine can elevate mood and provide a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Treating yourself to your favourite food is a form of self-care and self-indulgence. We all need to feel loved from time to time, after all, we are social animals. Taking the time to enjoy something you love can promote feelings of self-worth and fulfilment, contributing to overall mental wellness. Practising mindful eating while enjoying your favourite food can enhance the experience and promote mindfulness. Being fully present and savouring each bite can increase feelings of gratitude and contentment, leading to a mental boost. So, do take time to cook your favourite meal.

"66 days Challenge"

As a peak performer, it's crucial to prioritize the well-being of your heart, mind, and stomach, as they are key to unlocking your creativity. Remember, it typically takes about 66 days for a behavior to become a habit. By taking small steps every day, you'll start to see positive changes within yourself. Don't allow negative thoughts or demotivation to take control. Instead, consciously choose to do the opposite and nurture a positive mindset.


Ruchi Acharya is a multi-talented author hailing from India who has a passion for writing poems on nature, war, and love. Despite having a strong background in Electrical and Electronics engineering, English Literature, and Business Analytics, Ruchi pursued her creative side and found her love for writing. Currently studying Shakespearean Literature, Ruchi has always had a deep appreciation for the literary arts.

Ruchi is the owner of Wingless Dreamer, an international publishing company that focuses on helping writers and artists find their footing in the industry. Her work with Wingless Dreamer reflects her dedication to the betterment of the writing and art communities.

In her spare time, Ruchi volunteers for social services and enjoys spending time outdoors, finding inspiration for her poetry in the natural world. With her many talents and interests, Ruchi continues to be a rising star in the literary world, with many eagerly anticipating her next work.


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